Application Expectations @zrvcs

Application Expectations @zrvcs


So, you’re ready to make that next move in your career and thinking of joining our team? Well…AWESOMMEEE..

We would love to get to know you better!

But first, it’s nice to know how the journey of applying for a job works at ZRVCS. So, this article is dedicated to you. Nice right?

To begin with, you can click on the job vacancies on our website. Once you’ve sent our HR team an email you’ll get a reaction within 48 hours so that you know where you stand. You are probably amazing, so that means we’ll invite you for a first interview. After the first interview is successful you’ll have a second interview and a day’s chance to visit our world in to give you a good taste of what you can expect when working at ZRVCS.

Interview #1

This interview will be held with Lizzy. Lizzy is the Office Manager/PA at ZRVCS and runs the house. It’s her goal to see if you fit the position and to make sure you get all the details you need to understand what is expected at ZRVCS. During this interview, the job description will be discussed as well as what your persona is. So be yourself! We want to get to know the real YOU.

Interview #2

Yay! This means you are awesome and highly likely to fit in with ZRVCS! It’s time to meet the bosses… No worries, they aren’t scary ;). This interview will be held with one or both of the initiators of ZRVCS. The interview will mainly be about the company and how everything works as well as a more defined picture of what they expect from their employees. Depending on the job you applied for, the hiring department manager will also sneak in on the conversation and see what your experiences are in the field so far. Can you expect some confronting questions? Yes, of course! But again, be yourself. The only thing we want to be sure of is if you fit in and if you have the right mindset to achieve output at the level that ZRVCS works at.

Meet the team

This is probably the most fun day of them all! It’s time to meet the team and see the office and all its glory. You’ll meet your potential colleagues and get the chance the speak to them. This is your chance to ask any last questions you have! Any doubts? Let us know. Clarity will get you to making the right decision.

The Offer

This is the moment that ZRVCS gives you a job offer! This is the moment we sit back and patiently wait for your response. Of course, we hope you will say yes ;).

If there are any more questions regarding the hiring process, feel free to contact us at !

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