Days of our Lives @ZRCVS – The Intern Bart

Days of our Lives @ZRCVS – The Intern Bart


From day one, my colleagues were open and attentive towards me and fortunately for me till this day they still are!

Bart Ootes

After spending three days a week in Amersfoort and two days a week in Belgium, I can say that my internship is very diverse. The shift from studying at school for 4 days a week to working 40 hours a week for an international company, started off as a very scary journey but ended up being very exciting! From day one, my colleagues were open and attentive towards me and fortunately for me till this day they still are!

It all started the day I met Pim at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where he was invited to give our class a presentation related to our outflow profile on Business Development. At the end of his presentation, Pim indicated that he was looking for interns at ZRVCS and that we were free to contact him, so I did! After contacting Pim and speaking about what he was looking for in an intern, it became clear that this internship was something we both could benefit from. I had skills to offer ZRVCS and Pim had guidance, experience and data to offer. It felt like a step in the right direction when thinking of becoming a Business Developer.

And so, I began with high hopes of becoming this awesome intern with the right set of skills to rock at my research assignment. However, reality kicked in and I realized that working for a company that works at full speed, that the struggle got real. I had so much information to gather and that when I wasn’t even really sure what information I needed. So, the first two weeks were a bit of a struggle. I wasn’t sure if I had defined the research correctly in my head yet. Next to that, the research had to satisfy both parties, school and ZRVCS. Luckily, things finally started to make sense and I was able to start bringing output to the table. 

Now I’m 4 weeks into my internship and trying to conquer the Belgium paint market with a recently assembled team of mixed talents, including two of my classmates. It’s fun and chaotic at the same time because everything is moving so fast and each day is all about shifting responsibilities and setting priorities in order to make the business run to its maximum ability. The questions “Can you do this for me?” and “Have you finished this yet?” are probably two sentences I hear most often throughout the day. It keeps me up to speed, and the rate at which I work now is something I believe will only do me justice in the future. 

Although it’s only the fourth week, I believe I am making progress each day. Not only in my research but also as a working employee. This will hopefully only keep setting forth in my weeks to come. I look forward to seeing where I stand at the end of my internship. One thing I am sure of, this internship will definitely help me become a ‘work-life’ ready employee!

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