Days of our Lives @ZRVCS – The Intern Abanop

Days of our Lives @ZRVCS – The Intern Abanop


The reason that I accepted the offer from ZRVCS was because Pim’s story really energized me. A great new project, a young and dynamic team and the nice atmospheric culture had drawn me to ZRVCS.

The Intern Abanop

The internship at ZRVCS really came as a surprise to me. My internship had to start in February, and I already had the choice between two other companies. I was literally a few hours away from taking on an internship at one of these two companies, when my classmate Bart Ootes told me about ZRVCS! He told me about his internship at a new awesome start up and about all the epic stuff that they did. Out of curiosity, I contacted Pim Vijftigschild, the CPO of ZRVCS. He told me about their amazing new project that they’re working on and once he took a look at my résumé he told me that he wanted me on the team!

The reason that I accepted the offer from ZRVCS was because Pim’s story really energized me. A great new project, a young and dynamic team and the nice atmospheric culture had drawn me to ZRVCS. 

My role inside ZRVCS is to integrate the customer care program into their new project. I was enthusiastic about this because the main thing I love about my study is process development and optimization. 

After turning down the other two companies for ZRVCS, I was able to start right away. So, there I was, three days later, and I was lucky enough to have felt right at home! Every new person that I met didn’t even feel like a new colleague but felt for me like a new friend. Everyone and everything at ZRVCS is new and adventurous, and therefore its dynamic set me in the right mood straight away.

Next to this, what I really like about my internship, is that I don’t have a fixed place to work at. And no, I’m not talking about desks, departments or branches. I’m talking about different companies, cities and even countries!! In my first week at ZRVCS I visited 3 different companies, worked in 4 different cities and in 2 different countries. How crazy is that?! I started off at AkzoNobel in Sassenheim, and moved my way through to AkzoNobel in Brussels, Belgium. Then to Pegamento in Nieuwegein and ended my week at Uw Diensten in Amersfoort. AkzoNobel is shareholder in ZRVCS and Pegamento is partner to ZRVCS. Uw Diensten is a company also owned bij Pim and Michael, and actually the company where the idea behind ZRVCS all started! Due to the fact that ZRVCS is all new, these are the companies where the team mostly works at. ZRVCS’ own office space will be here in a couple of weeks, but until then I’m definitely enjoying the ride from one place to another.

The ultimate highlight of the first week during my internship was…...Belgium! Not because it was my first ‘business trip’ ever, not because of the new colleagues I met there and definitely not because the visit was awesome. It was because of Michael Nijenhuis, CEO of ZRVCS. He picked me up early in the morning to drive to Belgium with him. When I saw his car, I thought ‘WOW!’ that’s going to be comfortable trip (it was a Tesla guys). But guess what? The one thing that most electric car drivers really feared actually happened; the battery died. And it did not die at an emergency lane, or in an urban area or even at a safe place. Nope, it happened on the middle of a driveway ramp to a gas station on the highway. But when bad things happen, good thing happen too! Michael and I spent approximately 4,5 hours together. So, we got to know each other more and we talked about a lot of stuff, personal stuff as well. What better way to get to know the boss of the company! Although it was unfortunate for work, it was great to get to such a close level with him and that in the first week. 

All in all, I’m really glad that I made the decision to work at ZRVCS. It has already been a rollercoaster ride, but that’s how I like it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at ZRVCS and the learning curves I’ll be making during my journey here. I will definitely give you guys an update on how it all is going in a few weeks, so stay tuned! 

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