Dive deep into the beliefs of ZRVCS

Dive deep into the beliefs of ZRVCS


I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh dear, here they come with their beliefs…’ Well, yes. But we are definitely not here to bore you with them!

Our beliefs are pretty epic and that’s why we REALLY want to share them with you.

Due to the fact that both founders of ZRVCS have had enough experience in the business development field, it was finally time to really make something awesome. They came up with 6 beliefs that make ZRVCS unique in their field of expertise.

#1 Change is the only constant

As we all know, the never-ending circle of life constantly changes around us, and therefore, our business should to. To keep up with the rapid changes in life and in our business, we focus on staying agile in order to stay relevant. In other words, when things change fast, we focus on those matters that are relevant in order to keep our priorities straight in order to move with change.

#2 The Value Chain is not a slideshow but a neural network

A what? Well to put it in simple words, ZRVCS’s value chain is not made to communicate from A to Z, but to communicate from all value points to other value points. The chain of communication moves up and down the stream to multiple points ensuring the sharing and transparency of information and data which, through the eyes of ZRVCS, is necessary to make a successful collaboration.

#3 It used to be the big eat the small, now the fast eat the slow

Competition doesn’t only exist from your direct competitors anymore, but from those innovative competitors that change the way consumers look at your product. ZRVCS is a game changer and will strive to stay on their toes in order to keep producing innovative ideas in such a way that the consumer constantly benefits more from our products.

#4 Focus on people and all else will follow

I believe in this point in time a lot of businesses know that focusing on people is the key to running something successful and that is exactly what ZRVCS believes too. That means putting the consumer’s needs before profit. If your consumers are happy they will want to use your product again. The rest will follow.

#5 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

When making something sophisticated seem simple, then who wouldn’t give it a go, right? That’s what we believe. To become indispensable, you need to be able to make the most complicated things seem easy, and to do so you simplify it for use. This goes for products but also the way we work, processes and communication. Why make it hard when it can be easy?

#6 Block chain is the cure for poor cash flow

What ZRVCS likes to see is that things are only paid for once the customer is happy. So, when we deliver - you deliver, and not the other way around. This not only states a correct way of work and trust, it also reinstates healthy business in cash flow.

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