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ZRVCS makes painting your house easy. And that is why we want to make it as easy to clarify how and why we use your data.

In our Privacy Policy and the Frequently Asked Questions about Privacy, you will find more information about the data we collect and how we use it.

Your data at work

We use your data to quickly and easily calculate your painting job, help professionals to increase their sales and effectiveness, and ensure the safety of our users. We do not rent or sell your information to others.

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Safety first

Using your data, we ensure that our professionals can work safely, we help you to know exactly when someone is working at which moment and we develop new functions to complete the painting job quickly and easily.

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Privacy means safety

When you use our services, you entrust us with your data. We make every effort to protect your data against fraud, abuse and unauthorized use.

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Grip on your data

In the application you can see exactly which data is used. You can choose when you share information with us, how you want to personalize the contact with us or how you can delete your data.

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More information about how we use your data to improve your experience and for which you can opt out.

Frequently asked questions

  • What data does ZRVCS collect?
    ZRVCS collects data not only to enable the painting job, but also to ensure that it runs optimally. We do this by, among other things, bringing customers and professionals together, helping you carry out your paint job perfectly, improving safety at work and bringing you in contact with ourselves and others. This includes information that you provide to us, such as your account information and data we collect when you use our services, such as what you want to paint.
  • How does ZRVCS use the data about my home
    ZRVCS helps you make the calculation for the paint job and with making a personal offer. We need the information about your home to be able to offer our services. We use them to make a correct calculation, so the painter knows what to paint and we can better estimate the expected processing and calculation of your home or similar housing, to develop new functions and services, safety and security. This is done for improvement reasons and for other purposes described in our Privacy Policy.
  • Does ZRVCS share my data with others?
    For some products, services and functions of ZRVCS, information is shared with other users. For example, if you order a paint job, the details of the colors you want and the quantities of paint are shared with a professional and the paint supplier. We can also share data at your request. For example; when you use the function "tell a friend". We may also share your information with affiliated companies, subsidiaries, and business partners for legal purposes or in the event of a dispute.
  • How does ZRVCS protect the collected data?
    The security of your data is a high priority for us. ZRVCS uses technological security such as encryption, authentication, fraud detection and the development of secure software to protect your data.
  • Does ZRVCS rent or sell my data?
    No, ZRVCS does not rent or sell your personal information to others.
  • How long does ZRVCS store my data?
    ZRVCS stores your data as long as you have a ZRVCS account. You can request to delete your account or ask us to delete specific information such as photos. In some cases, ZRVCS may decide to retain information after you have asked us to delete your account, for example, when the law so requires, if there are outstanding issues relating to your account, or when this is necessary for security purposes.
  • How can I look up and manage the data that ZRVCS collects about me?
    Through our apps, websites and the device settings on your mobile device, you can:
    • Set or change your privacy settings
    • Unsubscribe from receiving messages commercial purpose from ZRVCS
    • Delete your ZRVCS account
  • How do I ask a question to the Security Officer of ZRVCS and what is the role of the SO?
    The Security Officer (SO) of ZRVCS is responsible for ensuring that we comply with the laws and regulations regarding privacy within the EU. The SO is the contact point for European privacy regulators and for comments from our users on data privacy.
    Do you still have questions about your personal details after reading our Frequently Asked Questions? Then please contact our SO via